Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bolo bolo...

They did 'bolo bolo' in coke studio=[
I so totally love that song=[
It was so nice of them to do it=[

Bolo bolo tumne kia dekha?
Bolo bolo tumne KIA Dekha merey jeevan main?=[

History and Literature, as interesting as they are, can be a grain of salt in the wounded flesh when put together. Currently Im writing a research paper on the "Leading Italian Renaissance Humanists" and lets just say.....I would rather live those days again than do this shit.

Meri gaari dekhi ya mera bangla dekha ya mera sara bank balance [read bang balance] dekhaa?

I like the real one better though.

Na merey sapne dekhey na mera jazba dekha na mera toota hua dil dekhaa=[

I have no idea why I like this song:\

I cant remember the last time I prayed. Been more than a year I think. I dont feel like it. I dont want to. And I would really like to have a word with God:\

Please dont hate me=[

Mujhey pyaar tumse nahi hai PYAAR tumse nahi hai...

Okay..."pyaar" sounds cheap no matter what.
I hate the term.
Why did I live today?
Why am I going to continue living tomorrow?
I better find a reason by the time I wake up or else Im gona be really depressed.

Main tumse dur chala jaunga paas nahi aungaa...

Oh...I had a dream again. Ya know the kind when you see someone cry and then you feel bad cuz when you wake the dream reminds you something bad you did to that particular person in the past? Yeah. That. Hate those.


quartertoinsane said...

dat was a nice song... n try the bling bling... its a hollow reason bt its a reason to live :D

Roshni said...

E.P gave it the song..well... E.P-ness... I think it sounds good both ways... maybe those of us who're liking it is because we find it nostalgic -shrug-