Saturday, July 31, 2010

It hot. The weather.

So I was doing my nails the other day and realized I dont really have nails.
Which is[insert an appropriate adjective].

I have issues with my hands. But I dont wana talk about it.
You're prolly expecting something funny here...i'll try.
Im planning to watch The Crow tonight.
The old one.
My mums cleaning my dresser so its kind of making me feel bad which is obviously having a negative impact on my funny.
And there...I just made my blog post sound like a dissertation with that sentence.
I got a raise.
But that not how I wanted to say it.
I wanted something more exciting and manly...something like "I got another raise Biatch".
But Ive sent too many random msgs in the past 24 hours to be excited now.
Also, I now have my own ATM card. Which is kinda cool.
Okay so the download is complete so I dont have to pretend that Im about to write something interesting anymore. So yes. Next time.


The Me. said...

I don't really have nails either =/

mao said...

lol. congrats on the raise.