Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh oh ohoh

Sexy from head to toe, oh oh oh-oh oh oh
So I was just thinking...If I dont get busy with my friends for more than a week, I start feeling nauseous.
I am part pathan. That alone should make you laugh.
No ones sitting outside and the fan is on and its really annoying me. But Im too comfortable in my seat to get up.
Im too tired to be alive right now.
Meri dost ka jo ek husband haina...itna dick hai. he annoys the life out of me. He makes me want to put my hair on fire. He makes me wana puke my lungs out. Khabees hai. And bechara he thinks hes so hot. Poor thing.
Bleh me. And Bleh you.
The world is a very uninteresting place. Why is that even a word?
But anyway, Bleh.


Roshni said...

snobby guys suck

RidZ said...

Remember that whole elaboration of what kind of a dick he is?
Yeah that was sick

The Me. said...

The world's interesting! =\

uglyduckling91 said...

You're pathan :D