Monday, July 5, 2010

Onm nom nom

Kuch awesome likhne ka dil chara hai.
But...pata nai.
world cup is boring this year.
sss....nah I cant think of anything funny about fifa....sides its gay song.
But its not funny. Its just sad. Guys at work say they dont want to see Shakira shake her ass and they're straight people.
kia likhoon yaaaaar...
I dont like saying yaar since my Urdu teacher said it was a bad word back in 2004. But I say it. But I feel weird saying it like Im saying something...ya some urdu graphic gaali. Nah..this topic aint workin either.
I saw Mr. Brooks yesterday. It was actually good.
Demi Moore is not flat.
Oh...okay...You know when you get those lines on your forehead when youre thinking?
They're now permanent on mine. I actually have to try to not look like Im thinking something deep. Its kinda depressing. And I have that look on my face right now.
Im old=[
Mr. Brooks was really good.
I love sneaky creepy people.
Stomp the yard is ugly.
Im not being a racist.
I dont have anything against Negroes.
I absolutely have no intentions to discriminate.
But...the movie was ugly.
Not a single good looking person.
And to make it worse...all the dancers kept twisting their face and showing their tongues twitching their noses like they were about to sneeze.
No disrespect.
I think Negroes are really awesome.
I mean...Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Morgan them.
But...stomp the yard was...There were at least three scenes in the movie which made me wana puke.
It was like...alien sex in Avatar.
But uglier...with more details.
It was not pretty.

Waddaya know...we got a post=D

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Roshni said...

Know someone who loves Halle Berry =/ ...irks me