Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sab chaley gai.
Mai reh gai akeli.
I even had the free pass...Even Junaid went to the same screening....I would totally get permission to stay out late.
Pata nai kia masla hai.
Stupid weak me.
Har wakt bemaar.
Abi bhi sick.
Gay pana fazul ka.
Its not fair.
Sab chaley gai.
Im the only loser in the city at home with mom tonight.


Koi baat nai.
Ami ordered pizza for me.
Sab theek hojae ga.

Im glad the week is over.
It was a bad one.


Roshni said...

pizza is comfort food? =( ..get better soon yo

Mackers said...

Shizzle! but "Sab theek hojae ga", hope next week makes up for this one