Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So far I have written more than hundred research papers, articles, essays, and thesis. And like...good stuff. No plagiarism. All well thought.
If they were all published on my personal website in my name id be like...famous:\
My brother reads my blog:O
I dint know:O
Hes not much of a reader actually.
But...Hey Junaid...watap yow ^.^
Hows mom? :D
Im writing this shit on UC and CSU budget cuts.
One of the lamest topics that I've covered.
Kal dena hai. Still have more than three pages to write. They're not much but when you dont feel like writing it feels like youre writing a 36 page-er on the stock market. And I dont know shit about stocks. Thats One thing I dont get. of a lot of things that I dont get.
Acha bye.

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