Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A public Service Message.

I've been living where I live for almost 17 years now and I still dont know my neighbors. I just found a blogger who's also my neighbor like yaYy:D
I still dont knwo who she is.
shit shit cold water shit cold...ehehe
Rida ayi thi. Hum ko to itna sara maza aya jee haan apko to aya bhi nahi.
This new place that I joined...the dude whos supposed to supervise me is like really irritating.
Kuch ziada hi "nice" hai.
Dont you hate these sentences?
"meri mother bohat kind hain"
"merey brother korma bohat like kartey hain"
Itna complicate karney ki kia zarorat hai sentence ko?
Oh...and I know someone who uses the word "recon" in real life.
I just find it odd. Who says that?:\
I mean....its good that you do...good for you...but just...why so...constipated?

Also, it has been brought to my attention, by my super intelligent self, that my awesome cool generation is also suffering from "FB Status of Wisdom Syndrome" [FbSWS], because "Have-to-write-my-life-on-fb" [HWLFb], and "Compulsion-to-use-words-that-I-do-not-understand Syndrome" [CUWUS] was just not doing it anymore. Thats right.
I feel the need to spread awareness because my very good friends are also suffering from it and soon it will be YOUR friend who is continuously writing things like "Smile, it irritates those who wish to destroy you" and "Altering your rules all the time leads you to an extreme situation of intolerance. Don't give up until its a doom day" in their status, which will be updated at least three times a day. That is a lot of news feed. FbSWS does not only shits up the wall of the patient, but also has adverse effects on the homepage of the 745 people in their friend's list. Please beware, the disorder is highly contagious.
Thank you.


Dee.Dee said...

You can add me on Facebook, I'm not too annoying, I think.

H.G. said...

loved the syndromes... =p


uzme said...

I shall. Yes.

Roshni said...

recon like..reckon?..whats wrong with saying reckon? ..what may one use as a substitute? ..did you mean using it in urdu sentences? HMM.

uzme said...

Lol...Yes that.
Nothing personal. Just...mujhey weird lagta hai word in a casual conversation.

Dee.Dee said...

Reckon is like, Scotland Yard language.

uzme said...

Exactly :O

Roshni said...

It's um..very casually common in the UK... I never looked at in specifically to think it was weird..HMMMMMM...probably weird on Pakistanis mixing it with urdu or something..I dont know how that would sound... scotland yard kind heH ;]

AbeerJ said...

Hahahhahahahah soooo truee! :D and then all the "kewl-ness" and the unnecessary use of 'x' and 'w' ughhh
the latest one is so annoying i swear it makes me wanna bite their heads off. -_-