Monday, November 22, 2010

Haram Halal lala lala

I dont know WHY I always read foreword as foreplay.
Its embarrassing. What if some hears my thoughts? o.o
Ive become so lame. Happy doesnt suit me.
I've started jogging early morning right [so Hot].

Saniya: Tomorrow we wont go to ******* park...

Me: Oh no...phir?

Saniya: Halal park

Me: Theek hai...hum khajai gey usko.

Saniya: Kha jain gey?

Me: Yes ^.^

Saniya: What?:\

Me: Wo halal haina...tou hum kha lain ge.
*om nom nom*

Saniya: Dude...Lame o__o

Mujhey to funny laga mera joke. Pata nai.
Ye din bhi dekhna tha.
Ab Saniya mujhey lame bolti hai=[
Meri tou sari cool hi gayab hogai somewhere.


H.G. said...

I don't mean to be rude but that was kinda LAME...

But you're cool... ;)


p.s. i have a bad sense of humour, so does saniya... =]

Roshni said...

Whats a halal park? =|

uzme said...

Name of some park here:\

Dee.Dee said...

I swear I laughed out loud at your joke. Our level of lameness probably matches.

uzme said...

I Like You ^.^

Rida. said...

You sounded like me there.
I like that ^.^

Roshni said...

thats an ACTUAL name? ..haha. wow.

uzme said...


The Me. said...

Hahah. Lame things are funny.