Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Seriously...what the hell is wrong with guys nowadays?
Why do they get offended so easily?
They're getting worse than girls.
Pehley when you refused giving your number they would just be a little sad but end up "understanding" but now..they like get offended.
Like "How dare you not give me your number...Do you know who I am? I am the best guy I know"
This kid...he stopped talking to my friend cuz I refused giving my number and dint talk to her for a whole week.
Itney loser kiu hogai hain sab?
I mean...c'mon...I have the right to not give my number and address to a stranger. Itna bura maan ne wali kia baat hai?
Guys can no longer take insults. They've grown ovaries somewhere inside.
Which explains their random mood swings.
This dude. I told this hot shit dude that Im "not interested" and he ended up getting so pissed that he blocked me from facebook, was angry the whole day, and kept abusing me in front of our mutual friend.
And I dont mean abuse like "that-bitch-sucks-abuse" abuse. I mean "maa-bhen-pen-rubber-utensil-abuse" abuse.
I dont know what the fuck is wrong with that retard.
Mutlab kia?
I dont even know you akhroat brain.
Zara charming nai hain meri generation ke bandey.
Im gona get married to a guy who is at least ten years older than I am.
Ive had it with these new "men".


Dee.Dee said...

I got a message on Facebook from a dude 2 days after I refused to give my number, he said something like "you're not that different as I always thought you were, you're like every girl" *yawn yawn* patah nai kia.

Pakistan: the country that lacks sugar, electricity and now testosterone. :D

quartertoinsane said...

this post is funny and d.dz comment too...
bt y do u end up suggesting 10 year old guys... wats wrong it 5 years r 8 years...

uzme said...

Deedee...so true. If Im not that hot why do you end up asking me out in the first place biatch. -.-

And insane...um...theyre like older and less..um..emotional I guess. I dont mind eight years either ^.^

Rida. said...

Call me you *pen-toad-rubber-utensil*

Roshni said...

ego hoti hai na....

Timoo said...
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uzme said...

Please tell me youre sixteen or less.

Timoo said...
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Timoo said...
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uzme said...

Go Away Kid.

Anum Altaf Hussain said...

hahahahhahhahahaha Timoo hahahahhaahaahahahahaha we are glad you were finally born hahahahahhahhaaha

Timoo said...

hahaha yea im glad too...!! =p

and uzmi ..what i figured from ur posts = you are a "YOO" person..!! so i thought i could
post some other than just usual coment..buh seems like 'my fault'..

me = cool
you = dont wory , dis wont turn into a coment war, like you have on fb =p
eyeryone else = no more coments on me plz..