Monday, November 29, 2010

Sweet sweet Sheila.

So here I my life. The same old routine.
Skip jog, wake up late, piss off mom, pretend to work, pretend to be tired from working too much, eat, watch useless shit, actually work a little, watch a movie, get disappointed, and go to sleep.
So I was just living my meaningless life when suddenly one day I woke up to strange messages that were discussing sheila and sheila ki jawani. And Im like....whathefack?
So I ignore them and carry on. But then I received three more messages that same day in the evening saying things like "sheila ki jawani tere haath na aani" and I get like offended cuz I've made it clear several times that Im straight.
But then it got worse. People started talking about Sheila in their fb status. Which, of course, forced me to google sheila, and sheila ki jawani and it turned out to be pretty hot. Sheila's got her jawani and her ass alright. I mean....if I were a guy...i'd jack off to that:\

Anyway, the point is...unless I collect lots of money by January, Im gona end up being the Uzma version of Sheila. And by that I dont mean i'll be all sexy and hot and gorgeous. By Sheila I mean uneducated, lifeless, self-absorbed, a bit of a slut, and married. Or I might just kill myself. But I dont like thinking about that...I'll collect enough. Yeah. I will. But if I dont. No. Thats not an option. But Im just glad munni is out of the scene. That bitch was getting on my nerves.


Timoo said...
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Anum Altaf Hussain said...

hahahahhaaha all the best with collecting money.. dey never collect though : / oh byw i have made a money box and everyday i put around ten to hundred rupees i am hoping id be able to save money like this .. you try the trick as well it works!