Thursday, November 4, 2010


Sab ko apna opinion bataney ka itna shauk kiu hota hai?
I mean why is it so necessary for everyone to go out of their way, to express their opinion about something that makes absolutely no difference in their life? I mean....fine sometimes you're welcome to comment like blogs and public posts n opinion is not always wanted.
I mean. I really, genuinely dont want to know your opinion.
Say...Im here not speaking. Okay?
And then suddenly you ask me something personal...something I do not want to share.
But knowing that you believe that you are my very good friend I dont make a big deal out of it. So I answer in a simple yes or no. Now, anyone who has any sense should know by the yes/no that I dont wish to discuss it any further. But not the people that I know. They just have to express their opinion about it and share their feelings with me regarding my decision or opinion or choice.
Mutlab...maine to nai pucha na apse?
Why are you telling me?
You have your opinion, I respect that, but can you please keep it to yourself?
You like it. You dont like it. Not making a difference in my life.
Pura mulk sara din baith kar apna opinion express karta rehta hai.
Karli hum ne tarrakki ek dosrey ko apna opinion bata kar bus.
Ho gai hum sab kamyab by expressing our feelings.
Also, whats with the unwanted advices?
I dont go around advising people.
What have I dont to deserve all those advices?
Ajatey hain sab apni advise ka bara sa carton le kar.
Sab ek dosrey ko advise kertey rehtey hain.
Ek to ghareeb, uper se irritating.


Rida. said...

I don't get it.

uzme said...

Haan. Call.

Dee.Dee said...

It's even worse when people give opinions about their own, very personal matters, which I don't even care about, and they're like, really personal matters, like really really private, feminine weird stuff, and you're just like o_O how nice of you to temme that.