Monday, November 1, 2010

I like to sit next to no one.

I just remembered why I actually started working. I dont like staying at home all day long.
Its frustrating not having a life...24 hours a day.
Fortunately, I will officially start my new job tomorrow at 7 p.m.
Unfortunately, its a stay-at-home kinda stuff. But pays good so...I need money anyway.
Like really need it.
Turns out I have to pay for my university all by myself. Like completely.
Know what that means? Im gona have to work like an ass for the next two years and study at the same time. And Im not exactly hating the idea.
Its the stay at home part which irritates me. And Im not exactly a party animal. I mean...I dont get out of the house at all. But I want to for work or study or something productive. Fazul mai I dont like roaming around in the malls and cafes and restaurants, laughing like idiots, and giving each other high fives for cracking a lame ass joke. Looks stupid.
Anyway, Amna, my weird cousin Amna, made us race her the other day. And we had to. Once she decides something you have to give it to her. Shes kind of large n stuff...really beats the crap out of me:s
And Im not kidding, she does. Im not that strong physically. I can fight verbally all you want...and I usually win. Not that it makes a difference. But ya know.
I dont know why I type like Im Ashton Kutcher and a bunch of 13 year old virgins are waiting for me to narrate my life.
Anyway, Kal Rida arai hai. Hum ko to itna maza ayega.


Roshni said...

high fives are lame. People still do that?

Dee.Dee said...

It's even worse when they give out your hand to high-five and you're thinking *Aw cmon do I have to? My hands are fine here in my own pockets* but then that hand is still there hanging in mid air and the only way to get rid of it is give them that bloody high five.

uzme said...

ahaha...calls for another blog post ^.^

AJ said...

Good choice, for not roaming around in malls and restaurants like idiots :D