Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Six Points of Feminine Law

So ever since I left my old job I have nothing else to do.
Pretty lifeless. And merey brother ka semester end hora hai so he hogs the pc the whole day to make his assignments and the TV well...yeah you have to wait at least an hour to get your turn.
So I was really Im like...HEY Wait...Why am I bored?
So I did some "girl stuff" and I knew it in the back of my head that this is a very bad idea and I was laughing at myself secretly all along.
Anyway, I did some makeup...a lot of it actually...Green n Orange eyes [<3] and pink blush and light gloss. But after that Im like...Now what? And then I realized that Im a "Girl" who uses "Facebook" :O So I took pics....lots of them...High angle pout pics.

The practical helped me discover the following:

* I dont know how to pout.
* I dont know how to take high angle pics.
* I cannot look up in the camera and smile at the same time.
* I will never get those twenty minutes of my life back.
* I should never try this again.
* Girls who do this kinda stuff are not Muslim [^.^]

Also, my lazy eye is quite prominent.
Can you tell? My right eye?
Also, meri eyes kitna empty haina?:/
Its distrubing.
And please, do notice that I have pretty eye lashes.
Thank you.

Anyway...I also made awesome brownies today.
They were really awesome.
Somebody better discover me soon.
My awesomeness is being wasted.
And yes, I do know other words...just...awesome sounds better.
Its an exaggerated term.
I love exaggeration.
And ice.
And jelly.
I miss you Jelly=[


Roshni said...

you look pretty..DESPITE the green and orange eye thing. And you DO have pretty, long eye lashes.
Is it bad I wanna' guess your age now that I have seen you? o___0

uzme said...

lol...go ahead.

uglyduckling91 said...

I really like you.

Dee.Dee said...

Those discoveries are so true. They should be called the Six Points of Feminine Law for people like me who look like fish in the process of attempting a pout.

Green and orange are my favorite colors ^.^

uzme said...

Six Points of Feminine Law it is ^.^

Roshni said...

I'd say you're about 23. But make up tends to make you look older as I've an au naturale pic for comparison would result in a more definitive guess.
ps: Definitive guess is NOT an oxymoron ^_^
pps. please dont kill me if I've got it wrong -runs away-

uzme said...

lol...I am 21 years, 9 months, and 4 days old. Close:p

Roshni said...

In my defence I did say makeup makes you look older..and also..I WAS pretty close right? ..You're beautifull regardless...I mean com'on...a person who can pull off green and orange ^_________^

Rubab said...

Roshni definitely crushing on ya

Roshni said...

=|..<-- that expression is for more than one reason..=|..

uzme said... you guys like making fun of me?:\

Amara said...

Oh my you look so much like Ayesha Khan =O,xcitefun-ayesha-khan-pak-t-v-actress-13.jpg