Monday, November 8, 2010


Sometimes I feel like the only one who is farig..:\
Im the one always randomly texting, randomly going at sania's, watching all the movies in the world, reading crap no one gives a shit about, cooking, baking, doing homework for everyone else. Mutlab kia. Nobody ever sends me random msgs. Doesnt anyone ever get bored?
Whatever in the world is so interesting?
I want to text but I dont want to cuz I dont want to lose my charm:\
So here I are.
Sketching makes me feel awesome=[
My mum's cousin is here. Shes irritating.
Like vAry irritating.
The kind who says things like "why are you studying psychology?" "dont sit online for more than two hours" "why dont you study something nice?"
I can take that once in a while...but today...she kind of got a lil out of the box...

She: "aapkey kitney friends hain?"

Me: "bohat sarey"

She: "acha....aur boys?"

Me: "boyfriend?"

She: "haan..."

Me: "boyfriend to nai hai"

She: "very good...bohat achi baat hai"


I dont like nosy people <_<
Pata nai kab jaein gi apney ghar.
Also, do you ever get caught between fb comment war?
Like you comment on someones status...I just do cuz you're bored or the status says something really stupid so you just have to correct it. And then suddenly a friend of friend interrupts...and starts a whole damn conversation with the friend in the comment. And you keep getting notifications for two days and you get like pissed off. So you just politely ask them to fuck off. And then they get after you. Like...full time larai. And youre not even responding but they keep bugging you. And you still dont respond to the stupidity so they start writing about you on the friends wall.
Sounds irritating...nai?
It is...but this time the annoying person was quite charming:\
Its been a while since someone came up with a smart comeback to shut me up.
It almost never happens.


The Me. said...

It is...but this time the annoying person was quite charming:\


Roshni said...

would you say its ego that stops you form sending random msgs when you contemplate it like its always you and not them and then you don't either.. is that ego? ...'Cuz you know...Im like that too o__0

uzme said...

No...I just dont want to force anyone into texting me:\
Thora ego bhi I guess...