Wednesday, October 27, 2010

*sad* *slap* *smile*

The masla of my life [which has been going on for about two weeks] has been resolved. Its like nothing ever happened. The culprit came out clean. The accused are to apologize to the culprit. And I found out that the person I have been defending all this time will do anything to get out of the shit, even it means denying the truth and making the other person look like a liar. Not a very good feeling I tell you.
I want to talk to someone about it but I dont want to repeat the whole thing all over again. Im in no position to confront cuz its all over now and bringing it all up will mean starting a new fuck up. I know. Loser hoon.
I just want to study my ass off and die.
Whatever. I'll live.
I dont have a job anymore so Im like...pretty jobless at the moment. I was supposed to get the appointment letter from this place like yesterday but...yeah. Waiting.
Ive been spending way too long checking my face in the mirror.
My new specs make me look more intelligent than I actually am.
Did you know GBU stands for "God Bless U"?
What the hell is going on on the internet.
GBU sounds like a gaali Sania came up with.
Younger now than we were before.
Kasam khuda ki Im disappointed.
I hate getting attached to people.
They all fuck you up sooner or later.
Bus Ive decided. No more human interaction.
Im very happy with my Google and Donalds. We need no one.
Go away. Sab.


quartertoinsane said...

GBU... hmmm.. pretty much like a galli...

y would u want to study so much?? i got tired after the 11th grade...

uzme said...

Dude...are you like online 24/7? :s

quartertoinsane said...

sadly yes... makes u feel blessed.. no!?!

Roshni said...

log selfish hotein hain na isliye.....everybody knows..=[

Anonymous said...

-Bush kehta hai- Kitna random ho. -seeti maar k-

RidZ said...

Call me!
It's all funny then -D
Kiun quit kia itni jaldi?
pagal <_<

Ali said...

congrats for the new job.)) or after you get the letter..