Wednesday, February 9, 2011

03:22 AM

I was writing a paper on something about killing and morals and ethics...or something like that.
Now Im going to turn off the computer and go to sleep.
Okay. Good Night.


quartertoinsane said...

oohhh.... i'v read r heard abt dat euthan-somthing na?

uzme said...


Roshni said...

She/He means euthanasia. ^_______^ day you must/should write my paper too... I feel left out =/

uzme said...

Oh...But I still dint quite understand your question insane. You wanted to ask if I was writing a paper on euthanasia? No..well..something like that. It was a critical analysis of the novel killings by Dubus and the doctrine of double effect and Kant's moral theory.
And Roshni...I would love to *_*