Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lets get down to business.

Today sucked. But I liked it.
Missed the chaos.
Tomorrow is my first day at the university. Im gona try not to write uni.
I dint eat anything the whole day because of all the stuff n all and then I ate too much at night.
Itna cheesy sa home made pizza and then extra cheesy sub. Weight kaisey lose hoga?
Kal maza ayega. But not so much. Because I have to wake up early and I will be all sleepy and tired. And then classes itni sari itni lambi...suddenly to maza nai ata phir.
I dont wana get ragged. But I doubt if anyone will because I have this bitchy angry expression on my face. So people avoid messing with me. No kidding.
I wanted to go late but my mum is up my arse making a big deal out of it since I missed the orientation and other important days and had a little trouble n all. But I know a girl there so I can take stuff or whatever from her so now I can totally afford to go late but nooooooo.
I actually wana push the previous post down because its too much color. I dont like colors on my blog. They make my eyes very uncomfortable.
This should be long enough.
I hope I get to meet some annoying people soon because its been a while.
Im sure something annoying will happen tomorrow since it valentines n all.

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