Sunday, February 6, 2011

Im on a boat!

Have you heard that song Im on a boat by the lonely island?
I love that song. And I actually feel happy for them. I feel their excitement. They have money and they're liking it. Unlike all the other ungrateful celebrities who keep whining how they have everything yet they're not happy and they would love to go back to their families. Stupid pretentious assholes.

So Im 22 right....[Yea i'll be whining about that for a while].
Im sure you know people who hide their ages. And by people I mean laydees.
People who hide their age annoy me. Especially if I know them personally.
So this friend of mine....I've known her all my life...this is what happened.

At the age of 6:

Me: Kal meri birthday hai. Mai 6 years old hojau gi ^.^

She: Mai to last week 7 years ki hogai:P

At the age of 18:

Me: OMG Im so excited Im turning 18 this month :D

She: You're 18? :O

Me: YES :D How old are you?

She: I turned 17 last week.

I always lost no matter how old I was. But then came 2010 and we both celebrated our 21st birthday. And finally we're the same age now. But this is still reasonable. You know I was the oldest girl in first year AND second year? I was the only 18 year old and then the only 19 year old. And now Im the only 22 year old. Even my cousin who was born twenty days before me is 21. Its not fair. What difference does it make? Its not like you're actually gona get younger. Just accept it and move on. Or whine like me. But dont lie. And dont be sitting there talking about honesty and truth.
Also I dont like kids. And I hate batameez kids.
Parents need to teach their kids some manners.