Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh Kiss Me!
Lick your cigarette then kiss me!
You're so cheap Uzma -.-
Kiss me where your eye wont meet me :D

So I still check out my old company's account and steal their papers...and I just found out that the new company Im working for is actually owned by the same boss and its him that Im actually working for. Ehe.
Its funney ^.^
He could've told me you know -.-
I mean I would've done it anyway. But whatever. But he doesnt know that I know. And Im planing to have a little fun now ^.^
But it must really hurt to pay me 3 dollars a page since I used to work for like a 100 rs per page. Ehe.
But whatever...Meet me where your mind wont kiss me.
Lick your eyes and Mine and then Hit me ^.^
Uzma! :O

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