Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine :D

HEY ^.^
I. Love. YOU!
Just know that I care...because its not always rainbows and butterflies.
I went to the university today just to find out that I do not have a class today. Now I knew that but I went hoping that they would fit me in somewhere with the seniors yada yada long story. So yea...I went for breakfast. Alone. And I had a great time. And I wanted to go to a library for some reason and read something awesome but I dint, of course.
I love hanging out with me.
Ive been listening to the radio all this time...Light janay wali hai so I have to make this quick.
Have you heard that Ali Zafars song which is supposed to be for the world cup?
I hate it. Its really getting on my nerves. So lolly!
I love cheese n egg n mayo.
And I like lots of sugar in my coffee.
Back to Ali Zafar. The song pops up after every ten minutes on one of the radio stations.
I'd totally marry food if I could.
ONly five minutes rehtey hain...I dint even whine about the change of zodiac sign shit that has been annoying me forever....Ooooh.....I hate leaving it incomplete...


Roshni said...

the change of zodiac signs is bullcrap.
Not that it should matter.
Also..havent heard the song but sister is a Zafar Lover..see what I did there? o-0 long as pakistan makes it to the semi finals, I won't moan too much -shrug-
How does cheese go with egg and mayo?
You should totally try tuna and you're a fishy kind of person.

Dee.Dee said...

I miss reading your blog.
I'm going to take one day out of my week to do nothing but read all the posts I haven't read.

Muhammad Hamza said...

The Zodiac sign never changed as far as I'm concerned,I'll remain Aries as I was born Aries.

Ha ha ha ha ha,
Yeh Dunya hai dil walo ki?
Yes,I was listening to 96 fm and it got on air at least ten times in an hour and that sucks..:)

BTY,You have got yourself a brand new follower.

uzme said...

Roshni...Cheese + mayo + egg + chicken = L.O.V.E

DeeDee...I was starting to think you lost interest in me=[

Hamza...96, 89, name it..its all over the place...