Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Skip to the third para for bitch talk.

Merey kid cousins ke sath...they insisted and I just couldnt say no.
Dodging car is fun. And then I was being really cool so I tried this totally Bad Ass joy ride that no one else would try. I just wasnt expecting it to go upside down...but then it went upside down and round right round when you go down when you go down down...and then my cell phone fell out of my very tight jeans [I really dont know how]...and then I was about to die...and then my loud screams turned into "I DROPPED MY CELL PHONE...AMI MERA CELL...JUNAID PICK UP MY CELL PHONE...MERAA CELL UTHAO KOI GIR GAYAA....WHERE IS MY CELL PHONE..."and then my mom [like always] thought I'd faint and fall out of the thing [its really getting embarrassing now] so she asked the dude controlling the thing to stop it and then he had to stop and then I got out of the thing and there was a huge crowd standing there watching me. But it was fun. I totally LMFAO!

So yeah.
Its boring. And tiring. And crowded. But none of that really matters.
What matters are my high expectations.
I was expecting an awesome cafeteria that serves good food.
But forget the food. I can do without food. For a few hours. I can take my own lunch. I can also go out for lunch from time to time. But then there is this thing called Milo.
Milo, for me, is love.
Milo is my jelly.
Milo is my happy.
I was devastated when the cafeteria dude said "Im sorry but we dont keep milo...wana try juice?"
What kind of a fuck ass university doesnt keep Milo?

Besides that...nothing significant happened. There are plenty of annoying chicks and irritating guys. People in my class confused the introductory class with and autobiographical class and shared their very forgettable life experiences. Besides this one guy who decided to use the word "testosterone" in his introduction which made him a little less forgettable than the rest.
The introductory class helped me develop a better understanding of the people that I will be dealing with in the near future. Most of the students in my class are like Bella - naive, "different", and hungry for love. The good part is that I will be attending classes with the seniors from Thursday...but here's the catch...the seniors are like Hannah Montana - unintelligent, self-obsessed, and confident. You have no idea how frustrating the combination can be.
But all the teachers are good for a change which makes the whole thing a little bearable. They actually know what they're teaching. I can go on and on about it but the post is getting long. I dont like long posts.

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Roshni said...

Last time I had Milo wassss...14 years ago, when I used to LIVE in Pakistan =|..I have not forgotten the taste.