Saturday, February 5, 2011

Im on a boat muthafuka take a look at me!

I was gona type something really awesome but I decided to transfer pics first and now I kind of dont remember what i was gona write. Either that, or I dint have anything to write in the first place so I just made up this whole story to make it sound like I did have something interesting to tell, just to maintain my cool.

I turned 22 least Monday. Yep.
Getting old. I dont like making a big deal out of birthday...but it wasnt always like that.
I remember having birthday parties. There was a time when I had three parties. One with family and two with the two groups of friends that I have.
Anyway, Im getting old.
Each year I get closer to being married o.O
Yes I can be That lame. Go away.
So...shadi is gona suck. Thinking about shadi makes me sad.
Very sad.
I even have nightmares about it. Like Im married to some nice dude [its a different dude every time ^.^] and everything is perfect but Im depressed for some reason. Like really unhappy. Suicidal. And I've been having this same dream with different guys for three years now.

But like I was saying....I turned 22 last Monday.
No cake. Well, I baked a cake on Saturday which I had on Monday and Sunday.

Its a cookie+coffee+chocolate+walnut cake thingie.
Thats right. I dint have anything to write in the first place. Just wanted to put up the pic. I dont care if Im getting old. I dont care if only five of my friends wished me. I dont care if I spent my birthday playing gta. Yes I still play stupid games. Whatever.
I like carrot and beetroot juice.

Im going to bake pizza now.


Roshni said...

I didnt knowwww...buttt...Happy Baaaardaaay to youuu..for monday. My sister has her birthday close to yours..She sulked the whole day, then got dresses up at night o-0 to get in the feeling I suppose?
That cake looks yummy.

Ali said...

Happy Birthday :))

Sounds like an exciting day you had.
GTA is nice :)

AbeerJ said...

Happppy BAARTSIMPSON- i mean Birthday. ur killing me with the cake. plz dont put up pics of the pizza. hope ur feeling better now! :)