Friday, February 11, 2011

Cleanin out my closet

My university starts from Monday right....[OMG Ima finally do my OWN homework ^.^]
So I decided to fix my closet and see what clothes I have...But then I realized that I dont have all.
I kind of never really needed them since I dont wear them that often. I actually had to make new clothes when I joined the office. Wait...what? You dont really wear clothes? Well, I do, of course. I know...who wears them properly at home? Orange pjs and a parrot green kurta with a ripped sleeve is like a grand Chanel gown for me. This is what I have..

Awesome comfy pjs

Skimpy tops that I cant wear in public

Appropriate tops without bottoms or dupattas

Uncomfortable proper clothes that I wont wear

And nice fancy stuff that Im saving for occasions that I will never attend

Oh and since Im uploading pics...heres the pizza that I made [Khe Khe Abeer J]

I know I brag n shit...But I dont have much dressing sense. And Im okay with that. I dont care if Im the best or worst dressed in the room. My intelligence makes up for it...or so I think.
Im really excited to back to college after a year n all...but dressing up everyday is really gona suck. Roz roz kaun loser tayaar hota hai? Roz roz kaun loser baal banata hai?
Mai to nai karu gi. Okay may be I will...But I wont have fun doing it.
Back in my college...girls used to straighten their hair at 7:30 in the morning. Everyday.
Thats Seven Thirty AM in the Morning!
Who does that? I dont know how to end this post.

P.S. The pizza sucked.


Roshni said...

Mix and match inni? =/

AbeerJ said...

im starving now -_-
when i first saw this post i thought u were gonna write about the song by eminem :D
i like t shirts that say stuff like the one im wearing right now says, Alt+Ctr+Del+My sister! :D but yes the inability to wear them in public is annoying.