Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sufism hermeneutic

In case you're still wondering about the kidnapped girls - they're back.
And they look as awesome [read slutty] as ever. But...Im not gona get personal here.
And in case you're wondering what happened or how did they make it back - I dont know.
No one does. The whole thing was super secret and I think it would be rather impolite of me to go ring their door bell and ask them whatever did their kidnappers do to them. Also I've lost interest in the story. I know I showed a lot of emotions in the last post but they're gone. Been a week. Feelings ka kia hai. Aj hain, kal nai hain.

So here's the deal. I strained my muscle in sleep. It was a little below and around my right shoulder when I woke up. It was bad but bearable. Then I asked my mum to massage a little but I refused to lie down and forced her to massage quickly while I was standing so she did. After five minutes the pain increased and to the whole right side of my body effecting my right lung. It was like I was getting a heart attack in my lung and it was bad. I told my mum so she pressed my back which then made a cracking sound which scared the shit out of my mum and the pain almost killed me. It was so bad that I got dizzy and my eyes kind of rolled back. My mum thought Im getting another seizure. I saw her face and felt bad for making her watch me like this. After fifteen minutes it got just a weeeee bit better so I stood up and told her its alright now. She cried a bit in the corner and was distracted for the whole hour. Everything is back to normal but shes super upset. You know how the air gets when the mommy in the house is sad. But heres the real back still hurts like shit and Im having trouble breathing and I cant stand straight or lie down. Im only able to sit in this awkward position that Im sitting in at the moment. I dont have the heart to tell her that its still hurting.
Im such a good daughter.
But the pain is nauseating. It hurts when I take a deep breathe and when I sniff or cough. And just so you know, I have flu. So I have to go through a heart attack in my right lung every ten minutes.
But the whole thing made me wonder about parents who lose their children. Life must really suck for them. Also, heart attacks really hurt. I so dont wana die of one. Also, muscle spasm sucks more than epilepsy.


Roshni said...

dude..get it checked =|

I name thee...'blog'! said...

hey uzme..great blog:)..been a silent reader/stalker for some time now..
ok, so I had something similar happen to me a month up in the morning, yawned, muscle got pulled,something ''cracked'', really BAD pain, eyes rolled back..saw mum sobbing and shaking me(fyi- shaking DOESN'T help)..
tell your mum to maalish you with warm olive oil(that cures almost anything)..and also, when you can move a bit again, make your mum take you to a doc, who will give you a muscle relaxant injection..gets you better in no time as compared to waiting it out..which is just annoying because you'll hardly be able to move initially..(oh also, put hot water bottle or a warm cloth wherever it hurts..)
btw, this is probably due to sleeping in an awkward position, not exercising, stress,not eating proper or a combination of all four-take vitamins or something woman
i know its really scary when it happens..and please dont be all brave and just go to a'll save you from a lot of unnecessary pain..
oh and if you've already been to a doctor and he's told you something completely different, ignore the above:)

uzme said...

wow...thats really sweet.
But its all better now. Was a little annoying yesterday but today its almost gone. But thanks. YaYy ^.^