Monday, February 21, 2011

You've got to believe!

OMG all this action on my blog!!!!
Three comments and 40 followers...? ^.^
I dint get three comments on a post in like...FOREVER!!!

Okay, down to business.
Its my second week in the university and Im finally adjusting to the crappy-ness of the place.
Well its not that crappy but....whatever. Ive dropped courses I have each class with a different semester which means new faces in every class which means no permanent friends.
I was alone for the first week sitting in the corner minding my own business. But then I realized that you need stuff to need to copy the notes from people and borrow stuff and shit so you HAVE to have friends. So I decided to flaunt my awesomeness and now Im like the coolest thing that happened there.
Okay...may be not but I have friends now.
But...thats like...blah...I actually wanted to introduce to you the future psychologists of Pakistan that I have the honor of studying with!!!

Future Child-Clinical Neuropsychologist

Teacher: what kind of tissue do we have in our bladder?

Genius N: Absorbing Tissue!

Future Social Psychologist

Teacher: will you relate the evolutionary theory with the case of the suicide bomber?

Genius S: May be his ancestors were mullahs and so he had mullah genes in him.

Future Organization Psychologist

Teacher: What does a manager do?

Genius M: Manage stuff.


Genius M: By managing it.

You see. I believe, that our future is bright. I believe, that everything is going to be alright. I believe, that nothing can stop us from progressing.
Why, you ask?
Because...75 + 75 is 180!


Also I feel obligated to justify my statement in the last post and tell you how I dint mean that the change of zodiac sign is annoying but the fact that people are believing that shit without google-ing! I really dont want to go into the whole tropical and sidereal astrology know. Just wanted to tell that I know. I think I have a complex of some sort.
Oh well. My awsomeness should overshadow that.


Roshni said...

What subject are you enrolled in again? o----0

uzme said...

Professional Psychology...Yeah I know...they make us study all kinds of, maths, human biology, economics, marketing, computers...from the perspective of psychology, of course...

Muhammad Hamza said...

You really study all this stuff?????

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