Sunday, April 25, 2010

304 yaYy ^.^

This is how I talk myself out of things. This conversation takes place between me and me. Kinda Gay.

Kia yaar...
um...I miss..
Shut up. Shut the fuck up.
Okay lets reflect. Okay.
How do you feel...?
okay...what kind...any physical discomfort?
um..not really just...hollow I guess..
Like you have an empty stomach?
Yea sort of..
So youre hungry.
No...Im not hungry.
Okay other than that..?
Okay so any psychological discomfort?
You cant stop thinking?
Did you even try to distract yourself..?
I did...
Liar. You dint. You just want attention.
Whos attention?
Your own.
ahahah...yea that. I think Im hungry.
Exactly. Lets eat.

And I always end up looking stupid in front of me.

1 comment:

Roshni said...

oh wow. and the label is weird shit.
you have my nod of approval :p