Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I dont want the first line to be the title.

Its just sad how we make others believe something we're not sure about ourselves.
Things that seem so important at the moment will make no difference a year from now.
Its sad how people I hate will never know that I hate them.
Its sad how I will never ask questions that annoy the life out of me.
I dont know why Im friends with even half the people in my 'friends' list.
I hate how everything revolves around me on this blog.
Im not as pretty as I look in my pictures and I hate it.
I hate how I question everything I feel and make it look irrelevant and stupid.
Everything I was excited about some time back seem pointless.
Everything seems pointless actually.
I feel like Im shackled inside this box hidden inside my head..
It sucks how I've never been true to anyone my entire a very cool mysterious way of course.

I miss Rida.
I miss Sumera.
I miss my last year self.


s3ayA said...

dats life... it sucks... n dats y its fun :D

Roshni said...

Our perspective, our priorities, our philosophies changes with time...You can't blame life or yourself for that matter. Its just a part of growing...Hang in there =)