Friday, April 30, 2010


I have issues and I dont like to share them. Not because Im too cool but because theres nothing you can do about it and I dont want you to worry and I dont want your sympathy.
You have issues and you have my deepest concern. I want to help and I dont mind listening.
I know I sometimes get lost in my thoughts while you talk but I really cant help it. It doesnt mean Im getting annoyed I just really cant help it.
Can you please not judge me?
Can you please not label my behavior as 'carefree' or 'fucked up'? I hate being called that.
And I hate to be called 'deep'. Im not. Not anymore than you are.
Im sorry Im not 'in love' like everyone else but I really cant help it.
And Im sorry I dont want to be in a relationship but seriously, how is that any of your god damn business?
Can my sexuality and mentality not be questioned every time I say 'no' to a dude?
Im sick and tired of being alienated all the time.
And no, these are not my issues.
Like I said, I dont like to share them. This here is displacement.


Roshni said...

Hota hai ...-shrug-.. You're not on your own.

uzme said...


Tinkermaster said...

I can relate *sigh*

mao said...

argh typical adoloscent whining.......write something funny please.