Sunday, April 18, 2010


I like reptiles. And I think they like me. So when the shape-shifting reptile dudes take over the world I think I'll be able to get us a good deal. And this is why you should totally let me rule you.

David Icke looks like a porn star.

I find kaddafi kind of sexy. It has nothing to do with his looks.....just..hes sort of like this crazy-power loving-wacky dude. I like him:\

Ive been playing Zombie terminator [this gay ass game my brother invented when we were young] with my cousins since yesterday and I feel stupid.
Lite janay wali hai.

I cant believe Im saying this but I kind of miss arse's gay msgs.

I want your psycho, your vertical stick
- Lady Gaga

Gaga, you a hoe girl.

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s3ayA said...

whoz david icke....???