Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trial post.

My papers sucked.
And I managed to look like a total luchie in that utanga uniform...Im too old for a uniform...but nevermind that. It was the last time anyway.
I forgot how to blog so please excuse the bullshit.
Dont you hate it when you cant think of anything to write while you try to explain some gay ass reference and the person sitting next to you asks for a third sheet?
What the hell do they write?:\
Check out this hot nude chick I made...

Mariam thinks Im a lesbian.
But Im not. Seriously=[
Im totally into guys.
Kasam se.

Is it just me or is Fauzia Wahab really stupid?
She reminds me of Seemen.
Both live in their own little world.
I got 90% in first semester and 44% in second. ehe.

Oh and turns out Im not a Ghaznavi but a Khan. Yup. My mum told me last week.
Just...yea. I'd rather not discuss that.
Welcome back ^.^


uglyduckling91 said...


And you don't like any guy. So..
I'm just saying. ^^

uzme said...

But I DO like guys..=[

Amara said...

Dude watch Speak. I have a feeling you'll relate. And excuse me for commenting on such an old post. Was just skimming through.