Sunday, April 11, 2010

I love.

I love watermelons.
They're so water-y n melon-y and tarbooze like. So Pretty n fulfilling.
And I love night sky.
Its so honest n dark. And alone.
I was just hanging upside down in my window. Though Im a lil old for that...kind of get stuck now that Im tall n stuff but its still fun.

Know whats cute?
My smile.
Its sad how we remain unsure of so many truths just because they're never said.
For many a time I've been half in love with peaceful death.
I dont want to go to Indianapolis.
Marshmallows are adorable.

Psychology practical tomorrow. And I shall waste time.


mere said...

Don't want to go to Indiannapolis? What?! and not support the colts? what kind of a person are you?

'so tarbooze-like' lol!!!!!

Roshni said...

I dont like the seeds... look like makhiyaan dude... =/