Friday, April 16, 2010

Get your freak on.

As much as I hate to share the elevator I want to hug everyone who holds it for me. Its very sweet of them.
I really desperately want to go to a good university for my masters. I dont even care anymore about the subjects. I just want to go to a university. Bus. Everyone I know either goes to one already or is going to in a few months. I, on the other hand, am broke.
If I want to go to a university [by the way I hate typing 'uni'...sounds\] I'll have to earn to pay the fees. I pauper. I know it doesnt go with my personality but thats the truth. I aint got no monneys....thats sad....cuz these gay ass bitches I know are going to an expensive one jus so they can get laid somewhere fancy. And Im not going for the interview. I dont want to be a TELEMARKETINGOFFICER thank you very much.
Kia yaar. I wana study.
I wana study liberal arts from Indus and MS in social sciences and economics from szabist and THEN I wana do CSS and go to Yale and become a professional cognitive psychologist and mess everyones head. This is shit. I hate you.

kiaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawr......uhun....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan...
Shut up and earn it bitch.

Theres so much to do. Neend arai hai:\

Or I could just get married to that money making machine in Indianapolis.


Roshni said...

marry the money making machine... and then ...Yale is not kinda far from there ...-___-

s3ayA said...

telemarketing officer... yuck... its jst a fancy name 4 a salesperson...

the money making machine sounds good... go 4 dat its a sure bet...

Ali said...

agree ^^

Xeb said...

money making machine, you say? :P

Btw, from experience, you don't need money to study, you need determination. And you definitely-definitely need focus. I'd say more than wanting to go to a 'good' uni, figure out what you want to study when you get there. Scholarships take care of the rest.

uzme said...

Funny how everyone tells me the money makin machine is a better option:\

xeb...I'll keep that in mind but its a bit more complicated than just that=[