Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Also, I hate kids.

*Elvis Style*
Ooo myy daAlinng...Ive hung ered fow yOw Touch!
A lOnng...LoOnely Time......and tiiime gOoes slOowlyy...and Time can do...sO Much!

*ahem* I was saying...I hate stupid vain whores who think they're really "clean" and "Hot" even though they have smooched three guys and have taken large amount of money from their significant other(s). Shallow self obsessed kameenies holding grudges and trying to be hot on fb with that fake air full of idiocy. Using words they cant even pronounce and pretending to be the inventor of French. Its stupid to even think to take them down because of their shocking low IQ. I cant explain myself. Im. Yea. I cant. Need my space for at least a year.
Going to sleep.
*Valima post still pending. Really not feelin' it.

My little cousin is going through some serious trouble.
Showing some symptoms of schizophrenia but Im sure hes lying.
But other than that...hes really fucked up.
He's gona need a lot of help to get through and function normally in the society.
I dont think I want to become a shrink.
I think Ima go for organizations.


Roshni said... french phrases are the new thing? Haha Lameness.

quartertoinsane said...

practice shrinkiness on ur cousin for a better... it may be fun...