Thursday, January 27, 2011

Under my umbrella.

The following conversation takes place between me and my students Mustafa, Zainab, and Mansoor aged 12, 8, and 6.

Me: *while checking lesson diary* Today is Thursday? :O

Mustafa: Yes.

Me: Mai to party karu gi Saturday and Sunday!!

Mansoor: Kiu?

Me: Because!!!

Zainab: When the sun shines we shine together?

Me: Exactly!

Zainab: Ap ye kia bolti rehti hain?

Mustafa: main bhi party karu ga Saturday ko...

Mansoor: *pissed off because he has school on Saturday* Is mai kia bari baat hai main to roz poty karta hoon.

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Nushay. said...

Ye baat mansoor, ye baat!

whattey cutiee!