Thursday, January 13, 2011

My very First FTW!

Im not getting much sleep lately and have been working 4 nights in a row. Today be the fifth.
This is hopefully my last assignment for the week. its on Iter Industry and Intra Industry Trade in Eu some shitty statistical crap right.
So I was doing some reach...same across a journal article on it...and I read it. After reading almost a page I realized that it was actually written in Spanish which is why I had trouble understanding it.

I are. High.
On Work.

Egg n Cheese sandwiches FTW!
I never say FTW.
Because I never really came across anything that had the potential to do so.
Until I made this awesome extra cheesy sandwich.
Why am I not super fat?
I actually dont feel like working.
I dont like to work.
I would rather just be left alone at home with lots of food and dvd's and internet.
Im going to spend at least one year of my life not doing anything at all.
Like absolutely Nothing.
That is now my goal.
Why do I keep going down the graph?
From Yale to Bahria.
From steak to egg n cheese sandwich.
And now from World Domination to a year of absolutely nothing.
Give me something to Believe in T_T


H.T said...

I say WTF :l
and doing absolutely nothing sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

FTW can be potentially applied to globalophiles. ^^ Ah fuck it too.