Friday, January 28, 2011

Reality Check

Two sisters have been kidnapped from my apartment, between the ages of 25-28. Both exceptionally good looking.
I used to play with the younger one as a child. But she was older than the rest of us so she bullied us around. Never liked her. Always referred to her as a slut because of her skimpy clothes, affairs, and street slang that she often used.
The older sister worked for air blue so an air blue vehicle did her pick n drop. The younger one worked for Barcleys. They were coming home from somewhere at 5 am in a private vehicle. 5 men [or boys] were following them. When they entered the building the men held the gatekeeper at gun point and forced the two girls to get outside the building and into their car. Its been a week now and no one has heard from them.
I cant even imagine what has happened or is happening to them.
No one deserves that. Not even school bullies and college sluts.
A different sense of style, freedom, and friend circle does not justify the act.


AS said...

reality or story

uzme said...

True Story.

Ali said...


are they asking for ransom or what?

LOver BoY said...

thats so lame ... u rather get a bullet in your head than listen to someone who's got a gun .. cheers

quartertoinsane said...


Roshni said...

Oh jeez...Hope they return soon!