Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine.

Rida: Okay...I have to go pray now..

me: Oh nice.

Rida: What you dont?

me: Nope..

Rida: but tum to karti thi na?

me: when?

Rida: I dont know but you told me..

me: hehe...I dont remember..

Rida: jhooti...religion par jhoot bolti hai...parh lia karo namaz...

me: bahahahahaha

Rida: khabees khud namaz parhtey nai hain azab hum per ata hai..

me: well...we dint feel the earthquake so God is clearly not pissed off at us!

Yes, I actually believe that.
Also, she makes me so happy=[


Ali said...

In your previous post, you mentioned a good political blog you came across.

Can you please mention its address.

uzme said...

Honestly, Dont remember. Just browse the blog roll of Kasana and Xeb..

Rida. said...

Also I love you =D