Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blogger blues.

I hate reading blogs. Its so fucking annoying. You go to one and then you see an interesting title and go to another and so on and before you know its fucking 3 am. I just went around to check Roshni's blog and then I hopped to the other titles and I ended up wasting like two hours on blogger. I have a 5000 word paper to write PEN-TOAD!
And you know the sad part? I dint read a single interesting post...besides that one on Kasana's blog...or was it Xeb's...dunno I confuse between the two. Anyway thats irrelevant.
The thing is...every single blog I checked out is following Ubee the boo-hoo guy!!
Mutlab like...kiaa?
You find him that interesting?
I mean like....ya know...the guy wrote that lame erotica...yet he has how many followers? Wait I'll check.
He has...okay forget it the blog is too dark and I dont feel like wasting my eyes.
but still...
You seriously find that guy that awesome?
For real?
Im really sorry...I dont mean to be rude...really...just...its frustrating you see.
He's like Bieber and Monatana.
You may raise the question that I too have followers really wana compare?
Are they pity followers?
I remember I followed his blog because he followed mine and even commented regularly...but then I actually read his stuff one day and then I un-followed.
But...ugh. Whatever.
And Im not jealous if thats what you're thinking...when I get jealous...I ignore the being completely and deny them the right to be acknowledged.
But the hell is wrong with everyone?
First they give Bieber the artist of the year award and now Ubee is the shit?
Is that what the mayans warned us about?
I want to die.
Cant believe I wasted my night like this.
Stupid bloggers with lame posts under interesting titles!


Roshni said...

Heyyyyyyy dont blame me for procrastinating :p... Haha and you butchered you may call this being defensive but hes on my blogroll because the guy can take pictures. Or he has a DSLR. o_0 Either ways, 5000 is alot of words. My assignment is 3000 long and I've been stuck on 254 since last 2 days. FML.

uzme said...

He does?
lol...I never notice. Just...his existence is so annoying:\
And...its alright...happens...i sometimes get stuck at 3200 for days when writing a 3500 word paper.

H.T said...

I love your blog and i find the ubaid guy weird maybe i am too but lesser then him for sure *rolls eyes*
and exactly biber an dhim what's wrong with the world :/

uzme said...