Monday, January 24, 2011

Sharing is not caring, it is Chori UZMA BAJII!

My university starts on February 14...I Know...shup!
And I really cant wait to go. Its been a year since I secretly ate cookies behind a person in class...Really miss the thrill. I cant wait to take down notes...and scribble weird stuff. I haven't sketched in a long long time. I make the best drawings during lectures...I write my best two liners during a class. I come up with the funniest forward msgs during a lecture. Twenty One days left. Just...Im so damn creative in a class room. Mainly because there is SO much to hate.
Ya know...the biases of the teacher, the annoying girly students, the frustrated boys, the wanna be funny crowd, the shairy clan...Just SO MUCH to criticize...Forgive me for the cliche but I totally love to hate.
And No, I will not end up alone with cats in a secluded one bedroom apartment! I like snakes better.

I dont wana sound like a creep but Im more of a stalker type. I used to stalk people...I just liked observing their lives:\
As a child, I stalked three families on regular basis. I was...umm...11 or 12 or something. Or 10...dunno. We moved to this new brother, my mum, and I. So there wasnt much to do mum would spend all day cleaning and making fancy food for brother would hog the tv and play video games...I would roam around in the house, injecting my stuffed toys in the eyes with tang [so the white part would turn orange] and stalking the three families from different windows. I stole the injection from this relative who was a doctor because he would tease me about my teeth -.-
Oh...did I tell you I dint have the four front teeth till I was in SIXTH grade?
Thats right...I used to eat too many chocolates as a child so my teeth went bad and the dentist had to pull them was painful T_T
Actually...I dint feel much pain but the idea still scares me. I screamed so loud...scared the shit out of the children who were waiting their of them started crying....ehehe....made me laugh...Oh how pathetic I looked laughing without teeth=[
So I stopped laughing all together...and thats why you always see a forced but controlled smiles in all my pictures.

Back to stalking. I stalked three families. One I knew personally...they were our neighbors. Memon aunty, creepy uncle, and their three very dirty daughters. Their house always smelled like baby piss. I dint like going there much...but I was kind of friends with the three very annoying girls...actually...they were my minions. Did everything I told them to. I dint like them for some reason...I used to stalk them around 11...thats when the father came home from work...I wonder what he did. But by that time the girls would go to sleep so they had their dinner right outside their kitchen. It used to be a very sad image. The white light from the kitchen would fall on them on one side while the other side was completely dark. They always had this sad, empty look on their faces. I never saw them laugh...or even smile sitting together. The man would eat, never glancing at his wife, while the wife obediently sat there staring at him...It was so upsetting looking at them yet I watched them almost everyday having their dinner. I was addicted to that gloomy image.

The second one I usually observed when I couldnt sleep...which was almost every night. There were two girls...who I am damn sure turned out to be major sluts. These two girls would wake up in the middle of the night around 3 am...when everyone in their house was practiced dance....Every Single Night. Why would they do that?
I remember they got caught once...ehehe...that was hilarious. I almost fell down the window laughing. They woke up early that night...around 2...and while they were practicing...their father came in the room...and he got so mad. He slapped one of them and took their tape recorder. Made me happy and sad at the same time...happy cuz I hated the girls...sad because they were my only source of entertainment at 3 am in the morning. The third family was mainly in my head.

I wana go back to college so I can once again smile at an object's misery. Naaw...Im just making myself sound like a sociopath. I wana go back to college so I can continue observing different people and their behavior and come up with cool psychology stuff. Buyin' it?
I cant seem to get past the fourth stage of Kubler-Ross model. But Imma be takin' 'em pics, lookin' all fly n shit.


Richa said...

You know you HAVE actually succeeded in sounding majorly screwed up. :|

uzme said...

But you'd still bring your kid to me for counseling, right? :D

mao said...

what do mean 'making myself sound like sociopath'. Yaar, you are a pakka sociopath!

Good to be back! Thankyew!

uzme said...

OMG My blog totally missed YeWww!!:O
and...Im not...really...Im actually very um..helpful. Yes ^.^

Ali said...

college is the bessttt.. Masters right?

gl :))