Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great Mystries of Life.

At some point in our lives a stranger passes us by forcing us to stop whatever we are doing and wonder "How can anyone possibly stink in winter?"
And I am very serious.
I really dont get it.
And Im not trying to be rude or pretend that I sparkle with cleanliness. Just...I really dont get it.
I can be a shower freak in summers but Im just the opposite in winter.
You know...stinking is still logical in summers...Okay. But Winter?
So I tried this experiment [only it wasnt really an experiment but a harsh reality] where I dint bathe for 6 days. Thats right...SIX Twenty Four Hours Long Days! [I really dont wana do the math].
And I wasnt planning to bathe on the sixth day either...just my socks got all dirty so I had to take them off and then my feet got dirty and I have this thing with my feet and eye lashes. Anyway...the thing is...I still did NOT stink.
Six days is a Lot! do they manage to stink?
Is it some natural body odor problem?
But you dont really sweat in winter...unless you do a lot of labor work...but the stinkers that Im talking about dont even move their asses when they have to make a poop!
Im still in search for a logical answer.


Roshni said...

sweat related smell? ...hormones may be responsible and they vary from one person to another. Could also be genetic..that goes for hairy-ness too o---0
Did you really not bathe for 6 days JUST to carry out the experiment or because shower is a struggle in cold weather? :p

uzme said...

You're totally missing the point:p

Rida. said...

Lots of hair. Slimy dark hair.