Saturday, January 15, 2011

Smart blogger...Y U No make a difference?=[

I've been browsing blogger for the past twenty minutes now...the intelligent side this time.
Ya know good blogs...the ones that make you feel a little stupid and shallow.
I came across some really good stuff...of course I dint actually read...but it looked pretty good.
I read the title then I randomly read a paragraph and skip to the conclusion.
I just dont like to read now unless Im getting paid for it.
Anyway. So it was good political stuff...very well thought and properly researched.
Its just sad how none of it is making a difference.
I really dont know where Im going with this.

My mom cried when she heard about Salmaan Taseer's death. She was upset for three days.
And when Benazir died.
And when the flood came...and the zalzala.
And when Musharraf resigned.
Its kind of frustrating.
Honestly, I personally dont even feel that much about anything.
Until I see another person emotionally responding to a particular situation.
So its like...the people around you, or at least me, are partly responsible for who you are and what you become.
I mean...yea we all know that.
Genes + Environment = Individual
Bull Shit + More Shit = a Paki
I say Bull Shit because I think the sense of righteousness that we have is inherited. Along with a gigantic ego and a sense of superiority. You know...cuz we're Muslim n stuff...We're still caught up in the great Muslim conquests of the 700's and the 1200's.
So what if we suckin' American Butt today...We ruled those bitches for centuries...
I still dont know where Im going with this.
Why are feelings other than hatred so hard to understand?
Dont answer that please.


AS said...

The beginning is always a pain. The first to articulate is ridiculed,the first to do, is called a fool, and so on it goes ..
A meaningful post, with the pains visible, but then as a individual what can one do? the above ..
Endless .. the progression of the society as a whole has sometimes no logic but has logic too :)

Roshni said...

still waiting on the valima post know how Im so into shaadis these days. Seriously dude :P