Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ayte so I was wearing this really short yellow kurta sort shirt on a green shalwaar ryte....looking extremely ridiculous ...so my mum goes all...."Uzma ye wali shirt bohat short hai shalwaar per nahi pehna karo...ab aap bari hogai ho...acha nai lagta!".....So I was all "ugh...fine."
So I was just diggin through my closet [which is a huge mess] and I found these super hot low waste jeans I bought last year [or the year before, cant recall] so I put em on and they like fit me really well....so I was all "wow...these look hot...I wonder why I dont wear it"....and then I walk out of the room with that *Oh-Am-Tha-sO-SeXaY* look on my face.....and my mum sees me and she goes all "oh...ye agai aapko theek?" and Im all "...umm...yea.." and shes all "ye tou lose thi na apko"....and THEN I remember the shit.
Levis people had this sale last year and I saw these pants and I was gettin the 5000 ka thing in 2000 but the thing was like two sizes bigger than my size and I had this whole argument with my um who wasnt buying it for me cuz it wasnt my size but being the annoying bych that I am I just HAD to buy it. Im sorry I sound like a self obsessed stupid spoiled whore but DUDE....Ive gone up TWO sizes! Its worse than I thought. I thought I just gained a pound or something....but Ive gone up TWO WHOLE DAMN SIZES - NOT COOL!!


No more goodies for you Miss!!