Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lameness ki Inteha.

Its 3 a.m. Ive been online for 5 hours straight. Have to make my psychology assignment on attitudes and God knows what THAT is all about. I mean given by semen so...ya know...the question is pretty confusing but anyway doesnt matter. I'll just google keywords and copy the first thing which shows.....I prefer not putting in any effort when it comes to her work. Why am I blogging? I dont know. Or I dont I want to acknowledge. Or something like that. I dont get guys. They're gay. Yes they are. Like whatever guys. No Im not a sexist....Im just stating facts ayte? They one confused species....or they just pretend to be confused for whatever reason. Im hating them all...Rida can I name a few? Pwease? I....umm....just....whatever.
Ali Hamza has a sexy voice...:\
I never noticed.

And. I wanted to brag about all the compliments I get but mood is a lil bleh. And YES Im thinking about you bitch text me in the morning when you done crying...:p
Holy fuck I just slided my mouse on water....ugh...ugh....wait...its still working...:\
Anyway...Im going to watch District Nine....Im expecting it to suck ass.
Will exceed my expectations?
Will I watch the whole shit?
Will my brother pause the movie to talk on the phone and piss the shit out of me like he does?
Will Rida find happiness?
Will I make my assignment?
Will mariams tummy be fine by tomorrow?
Why am I asking you all these question?


uglyduckling91 said...

We wait for the next episode? :D

uzme said...


RidZ said...

Khekhe! I am usually blank when it comes to commenting on your blog posts =/

uzme said...

You dont HAVE to you know:p

Mariam said...

Good you were guessing-not telling :(
I HATE stomach aches =/