Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ive been tryna publish this post for 3 days....and something always happens....and now that I finally tried to publish it disappeared...I dont know what was cursed. I'll try to reproduce it but it just wont be the same cuz Im in a completely different mindset ryte now. Here it is...:

".....(some random bullshit abt me hating vain people and being one of them myself)....And what really pisses em off is that people refuse to deliver lunch during if I wana have pizza for lunch today? What am i supposed to do? Wait for dinner? What if i dont want it for dinner? What about people who dont fast? What about the minority? What about me? Like....places are not closed down before Easter are they? Why no special timings for them? Are they not human? Is our religion holier than theirs because we're the majority? We see the white in our flag now dont we? What does that represent? Shudnt rules be equal for all of us no matter what religion? Yeah? Equality? No? We're better than them? Is that what its all about? Yeah?

Now dont be going all "oh you're just saying that cuz you wana have a nice dont even fast"...If I dont fast that My shit with My God. Its none of your business. Im not answerable to you or that Holy Mullah of yours you go to for advice. Youre NOT answerable for my sins. You wont get punished cuz I dont fast. Okay? We clear on that? Yeah? Okay.
So just like you wont get punished cuz I dont fast...I wont get blessing if you fast. Yeah? So....if youre fasting its not making a difference in my life. Theek? Youre not doing me a favor. And since youre not doing me a favor I shouldnt be forced to take your shit. You can keep your "Im fasting so Im gona act like a cranky bitch all day" shit to your own damned holy self! Ehsaan nahi kara/kiya [:p] aapne mujh per roza rakh kar!..."

And there was more but Im in like No mood. This is incomplete...

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