Saturday, September 26, 2009

Glorious food.

Ladies and Gentlemen.....I present to you the bestest pasta EVER to be made on the face of this earth.....

This thing you Heavenly. And mariam made it. My Dost can cook....*tears*
Which reminds me of nandos cataplana I tried ryte after this Divine food. Know I had never tried it before.....I mean always end up having espetada or those wraps or something....but then everyone kept telling to have cataplana cuz its like oh-so-awesome....well...eveyrone who tasted it....needs to grow taste buds. It was the worst most pathetic thing Ive ever tasted. Please if someone asks you to try it tell that person to eff off [eff cuz I got company].
So, yeah....okay...the most absurd thing was the cucumber which tasted like something picked out from a turd salad. Ew. Yes.
Bleh. Im not wasting my time writing how bad it was.
It was bad - period!