Saturday, September 5, 2009

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Yes. I just cant seem to get out of my holiday mode. I just went to college ONCE this week. I just cant wake up. Forget college thats like 7 in the morning. My IT starts 1:30 p.m....I've been missing those too cuz I cant wake up. Just attended ONE class this week. Ugh.
Itna soti hoon mai. Bohat soti hoon. Soti rehti hoon. Actually, no, I hibernate. So today I was actually frustrated cuz I missed coleg. And Im like....DAMN Ive been sleeping for a week. Im never lame for a whole week straight. I mean....I did like NOTHING this week. Just slept and played farmville. Yep. Im addicted. And just this Sunday I was preaching how lame the stupid game is to my baby cousin who's been playing it. But nevermind that.
So today I wanted to do something productive. I thought I'd make notes but then I was all....yeah like THATS gona happen. So I was karoon yaar? And then my mum was all "uzma soup peenay ka dil chara hai" and I was all "main banati hoon" and my mum was all "mazaak nai karo mera seriously mood hai soup ka" and Im all "Im serious.. :O"
So I tried that thing I had in mind since june. Damn I procratinate..:
Its this thing I came up with in my head while I was watchin some dude make tomatoe soup. So I like took pics of each step.
THATS RIGHT. Im gona upload every single image!
I dint come up with a name for it yet.
Its like tomato soup + chicken soup + green soup.
Alryte. So jus slice half n onion, spring onion and one capsicum. And boil tomatoes n peel n blend them.
Make chicken stock and strain it.
Then fry onions in 2 tbs oil and then add all the greens and black pepper n salt n oregano.
Then add stock and tomato thingie and let it simmer for like ten I guess.

Then fry the chicken bits in butter and pepper and add em to the soup.

Then add corn flour to the soup and cook for another 5 minutes.
And voila. Its ready. This is what it looks like in the end.

I know it looks pretty all ryte and mum loved and and my mami really liked it but honestly, it tasted pretty average to me. Its not at all what I had in mind and I cudnt get over the fact that it was missing something. I dont know what. Maybe. No. The seasoning was perfect. Pata nai.

Im not satisfied.

Damn I have time..:\

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Mariam said...

Olaka the soup looks delicious :P