Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How boring was YOUR eid?

What do you call a person who never gets tired of pretending, who's left brain keeps pointing towards a *bright future* and the right brain wont let go of shit done and most of the actions and conversations are executed by the spinal cord cuz the left brain and the right brain are too busy fucking each other..?

You call that person an Uzma!

I did french manicure. Only I dont have nails so I had to put on fake ones. And boy do they look fake! Need to take em off...too lazy...Im having trouble typing which is distracting my fucking brains. Thats not the point. The point is I hate everyone. I hate it when stupid chutiyas act like they know shit. Yes, I now say chutiya without feeling awkward. And I say it often. Thank you Sania and Amna. Thank you very much. And I hate it when fucking morons get intimidated by stupid chutiyas. And I hate it when a fucking moron shits on a smart ass because of some stupid chutiya which turns a smart ass in to a shit head. So basically there are four types of people in the world [according to me that is]. Which one are you?

I'm the self inflicted, mind detonator!

I want my ribs to burst open and I want a huge Monster to....[I would write to 'come out' but doesnt sound right]....emerge. Yes. Emerge. And [*activate ::mode urdu::*] phir who monster kha jae merey pas jo bhi ho usko. Phir wo monster sab ko kha jae. Phir wo monster sari imaraat [buildings n structures] tabah [destroy] kar dey. Phir wo swim kar key west jae aur udher bhi sab ko kha jae. Phir wo ek khalai jahaz [space ship] ijaad karay aur phir khala [space] mai jaa kar suraj kha jae. Phir har jaga andhera hojae aur wo anderey mai ...umm....[float karnay ko kia kehtey hain?] *ahem*float*ahem* karay. Aur phir khala mai ghum hojae. Phir wo bhook se mar jae.


Extinction? Please?

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