Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ive been emotionaly blackmailed for this one.

*Uzma says:
I dnt have nun to wear.
I'll come naked.

*Amna says:
Haan theek hai.
Phir baba turn on hojain gai.

Amna's "baba" = my phupa

My cousins say that I dont write about them on my blog. And have spent too much time to not mention them on my blog. No Im not going to discuss amnas accent. No she doesnt have a funny accent. See amna I dint say shit about that funny accent you practicing. Im still confused if you were kidding or serious. Dont whine Hajira Im writing about you too...:p
I doubt if anyones gona read this post cuz ya know....Its kinda like...a wee bit lame. Just dump that pedo you dating. And Amna please stick with one man. Karma is a bitch. Now now I know you dint get that I'll explain when we meet:p I love my cousins oh so much and oh how would I ever live without them like oh my God I love you guys. You people are the funniest cousins anyone can have. Ab baat ho hi rai hain tou teejs and ayesha ko bhi mention kerdety hoon...
I dont think they read it but let ayesha know she gives the bestest hugs and teejs is like the hottest wittiest 16 year old:p

So if anyone inetrested in dating heres a bit info...


Age : 18
Height : mujh se tall hai. Im 5'5 she must be 5'6 or 5'7.
Complexion : weatish
Body : very trimmed and in shape.
Hair : Black
Best feature : eyes
Status : Dating a pedo. Will dump for a hotter dude.
Overall : Pretty hot.


Age : 20
Height : 5'8 I think.
Complexion : fair when washes face.
Body : In shape when wearing clothes.
Hair : Black
Best feature : smile
Status : Dating an idiot and an uncle. Flirts with a family friend. Still room for more.
Overall : Attractive.

Leave a comment if interested.


uglyduckling91 said...

Main nay tou bus moon par jana hai. You know. :(

uzme said...

Youre too awesome for them anyway.
Trust me.