Saturday, September 12, 2009

Im forced to consume 2 rupay walay snacks everyday of my life.

Ya know sometimes youre just sitting and not doing anything and then suddenly you get this pathetic idea to do something and you KNOW it s a BAD idea and you know its going to be a complete disaster but for reasons unknown you carry the plan out anyway....And you dont even have to...not like any ones forcing you. You HAVE a choice of not doing it but you just do it anyway....? Yeah?
Thats what happened to me today.
See the fucked up rice on the right...with a fucked up peice of chicken [which was the only thing eatable on the plate] and potatoes and the greens you dont recognize? Yes, Im the inventor!

A complete mess! And I knew it was gona be bad. I knew it all along. But I did it anyway. I do that a lot. And it was like BAD man. It was so bad it should be on the menu at PC. In fact it should be on the menu of every Japanese restaurant in the world. It was so qualifies to be a Canadian dish! Now no offence Japanese and Canadian food lovers....just that it really sucked. I shouldnt be allowed to cook anymore. I dont think I can ever make anything as bad as this. This is like the worst I can do. Like me at my WORST. Oh and Ive come with a name for it too....Imma call it 'Bow Chow'.....know why? Cuz it makes you wanaa bow chow. Yep. Disaster in its true essence.

Pissed me off like really bad...So much that I actually decided to punish myself by studying. I opened my bag and guess what I found? REAL chips! Know those burned potato peal wrapped in the cheapest blue wrapper? I bought 'em the other but dint eat....I buy a lot of stuff at college and dont eat....cuz I dont like them but I dont have a choice so I just buy whatever is available and try to shove it down my throat. But after bow chow they tasted better than a pepper cheese steak. Tho they were all burned...and had a weird ash like taste to it...

After that I thought Id open my book but then I saw my bag and Im like "wOw perk...Awesome!" so I had perk and I was just shoving the wrapper back in my bag when I realised how fucked up my bag is. I mean there are absolutely NO books in it . Like NONE. I keep them in my locker. So my bag is like full of wrappers and used tissues n crap like that. Oh and a pen too...So I like took a pic cuz I, for some reason, am obsessed with taking pics and putting em up on my I took the pics and Im like...DUDE I have to upload them NOW cuz then i'll forget whats on my Im all 'B-R-B abnormal Psychology' and here I am blogging.


I seriously need a life.


ms.parker said...

lmao i can totally relate to the messy bag. Once i bought a chocolate milk and forgot to drink it and it was lying in my bag for like a week. I only realized when all my books smelled like shit. my bag, my pens, I smelled like shit one day.
And then i decided to investigate, like finally.

hahah seriously your bag is way better =P

RidZ said...

I can't spot the chicken =/ The bow chow looks yum though =D

uglyduckling91 said...

2rs goodies are the best yo! The shit ykno'msayin'!

uzme said...

@ nobia...really? It not as bad as my friends say it is? Thanx..=D

@ rida....dude...BAD.

@ dabby...well...yeah...I guess..:\

afefah said...
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afefah said...


uzme said...

Its just a book pu...chill:p