Friday, September 3, 2010

Big City Life

So I was just randomly reading blogs and I came across this and it reminded me of life four years back. And it made me happy. Though it sucked back then. Quite a lot.
Back then I used to stay up all night in my room in winter and listen to "Big city life" and "fix you" and dido.
Lying on my bed staring out my window at the orange night sky. Orange from the dim orange street light right below my window. Those were bad times...pretty bad times...I lost like ten pounds...looked like I had aids...but I miss it. Miss the winter nights actually. Hopeless, sad, quiet, long, peaceful nights. I dint worry about anything cuz I thought that was it. I dint expect anything to get better. I was going through that extreme conscious phase of depression. It was nice. I miss it. A lot.

And then there is today. Full of opportunities and hard work. Fast life. No time to stop and be sad. Work - career - family - responsibilities - friends - party. So shallow. The only I get to stare at objects is when I walk home from work. And if the sun is shining too bright than not even that. And you have no idea how much I love staring at objects. I look at the object for hours and not get bored. If it were up to me, I would professionally stare at objects. All kinds of objects. I want to be an object stare-er=[